Australian PM sets date for parliamentary elections

Australian PM sets date for parliamentary elections

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The vote will take place on May 21, according to The Age newspaper.

The Australian federal election will take place on 21 May. This was reported by The Age newspaper on Sunday, citing a statement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison following his meeting with Governor General David Hurley.

Speaking from the Houses of Parliament in Canberra, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate are scheduled for Saturday, May 21, the newspaper writes.

The head of government called on fellow citizens to support his Liberal Party of Australia in future elections, noting that in the conditions in which the country's economy is currently located, "there is no room for risk." In his opinion, the Australians will have to make a choice between the "tried and tested" team that they know, and the opposition, whose prospects remain uncertain.

On May 21, the citizens of Australia will decide whether the ruling coalition with Scott Morrison as prime minister will remain in power or whether the country will have a Labor government led by Anthony Albanes.

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